Rhino Shield of Colorado

Launched in 2000, the Rhino Shield brand has grown every year since its inception and is a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry. AmCoat Industries had one goal when developing the product: To provide the most durable and long lasting ceramic wall coating product to once and for all end the repainting cycle.

It’s Not Paint.
For many years, vinyl siding was the only alternative to costly exterior wall repainting. Knowing that ceramics were the key to providing durability and solar ray reflectivity and that breathability was the essential characteristic needed to guarantee that durability, AmCoat Industries product development began.

Consulting with top chemists and manufacturing partners and investing over a year in R&D, the Rhino Shield system was born. Utilizing the latest in elastomeric ceramic technology, the Rhino Shield system was and has been thoroughly tested by leading outside testing laboratories, including the renowned BASF Laboratories. Lab testing combined with extensive field testing over the last 15 years has confirmed the durability benefits of the Rhino Shield system.


Erich Hardy

Erich Hardy is a Combat Veteran with the US Army, having flown the AH-64 Apache helicopters in Desert Storm. He and his family of 4 have resided in Colorado since 2004 and worked with Rhino Shield since 2009. He loves the mountains, hunting and skiing. Erich coated his own home with Rhino Shield in 2015 and it still looks brand new. He personally has experienced the utilities savings, the sound-proofing and the much cooler surface temperatures on his west-facing home.


Carmen Mesa

Carmen Mesa is a Nicaraguan native who immigrated to the U.S. as a young man. He is a father of 3 and has run over a dozen crews of installers. Carmen began working with Rhino Shield in 2011. He is the Installation Manager and oversees all of our work. From homes to businesses and commercial jobs to apartment complexes - Carmen has the experience to expertly finish the installation with excellence.