Cement Board Primer (CBP) is a white, acrylic elastomeric, adhesive, bonding Primer Sealer. A waterborne, latex based, high resin content formula that is specifically engineered for sealing and conditioning porous interior and exterior cement board siding, stucco, and block. CBP tolerates variable pH levels found in cement boards such as Hardieplank® and reduces the risk of color burn due to high alkaline levels. It can also block the high pH common in new masonry and ensure a uniform look and long-lasting finish. It is highly alkali and efflorescence resistant and can be applied to surfaces with a pH of 6 to 11. CBP revitalizes and strengthens the surface to which it is applied, efflorescence, spalling and segregation. Excellent penetrating characteristics enable CBP to permeate into the substrate providing a permanent bond to the finish coat. On non-porous substrates, the high resin content provides excellent adhesion to the surface then forming a tight bond to the finish coat. The bond that is formed between CBP and the finish coat helps reduce moisture under the finish coat thus extending the coating’s life considerably. CBP is especially designed for use with DFC or PFC finish coats.
• Seals and adheres to cement siding, concrete, brick, stucco and plaster
• Conditions porous masonry surfaces
• Use on above grade masonry surfaces for a long-lasting finish
• Apply to masonry and concrete surfaces that are at least 7 days old.
• Prevents harm to subsequent coatings by alkalis in the substrate