Protect™ Deck Coating is a high build coating designed for wood decks and railings. The elastomeric ceramic coating is a great option to restore, protect, and paint weathered decks. Protect Deck has been extensively tested to provide long term weathering, repel moisture, and offer superior abrasion resistance.

Protect Deck penetrates wood surfaces and can expand and contract with wood movement. The ceramic coating is tinted to the customer preference and offers an attractive appearance. Offering excellent water repellency, PROTECT DECK seals wood surfaces to help prevent rotting and decay associated with wet wood. Sand and Pumice mixture may be added to increase traction and texture where desired. This self-priming thick system is an alternative to deck replacement by sealing cracks and splinters.

Protect Deck may be used on wood decks, docks, railings, spindles, and composite wood. It is for use on new or old wood and over previously coated or stained surfaces. Always check compatibility for previous stains, especially those with silicone or fresh oils. Protect may be used to fill and bridge cracks up to ¼ inch and larger cracks with recommend preparation work.